UpWalker - Stand Upright!
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UpWalker - Stand Upright!


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Includes Personal Item Bag, Backrest and cup holder for free - a $42 value!
The UpWalker was developed to enhance mobility and boost independence for seniors and folks who are mobility-challenged! This includes people with orthopedic, cardiovascular and neurological disorders. The mere design of this innovative new upright walker can ease pain the back, wrists, hips and leg joints as compared to traditional walkers.  In addition, you can even cover more distance with ease!

Boost your confidence! Unlike traditional walkers, you don't spend your time hunched down at the floor.  You are able to stand upright and spend time with friends and family...just like you used to! Restore your independence and ease your pain with this innovative new upright walker.

Frequently Asked Questions
Does the UPWalker come with brakes?
Yes, with comfortable ergonomic handles. Brakes stop rear wheels.
Brakes also function as parking brake for sitting or standing from seated position.
Does one brake stop both wheels?
No, they function independently and brake only one wheel each.
Does the UPWalker have reverse brakes?
Does the UPWalker feature parking brakes?
Is the UPWalker one size fits all, or is it adjustable?
The UPWalker has easily adjustable-height arm rests, handholds that easily pivot for optimal wrist position, and armrests that extend or shorten for the length of your forearm. You only set these preferences once to personalize the unit just for you. The adjustable height armrests come with a “height memory stop” feature so you only set your armrest height once.
Does the height of the armrests adjust independently of each other?
What are the height ranges for UPWalker users?
User height is 4 feet 6 inches to 5 feet 10 inches. The UPWalker may fit slightly taller users whose posture is already bent over.
What is the maximum / minimum height of the armrests?
45 inches maximum / 33 inches minimum.
How much can a user of the UPWalker weigh?
Up to 300 pounds.

Read the UpWalker User Guide here.

View our informational UpWalker flyer!

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